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Metaverse Rental Space Services


Organize live events and meetings in a personalized rental 3D space and explore creative Metaverse tools at an affordable cost. Hostmetas offers Metaverse rental space services to entrepreneurs, businesses, and social groups. From one compact 3D space to many connectable verges, we provide a range of customized 3D environments for live meetings and virtual events.

Our Metaverse Rental Space Services


NFT Exhibition and Product Launches

We provide rental spaces for NFT users and traders to show off their digital artworks on a 3D immersive platform. Our exhibition and product launch spaces support art shows, live auctions, and product launches, which allow art displays and live deals inside our pragmatic VR auditorium.


Business Meeting Space

We offer rental workspace and virtual meetings for professionals to organize their conferences and discussions in a photorealistic virtual environment at a reasonable cost. There are also many customizing options to personalize your rental meeting spaces with ingenious prospects on the Metaverse Platform.


Product Showroom Space

Rent our Metaverse Rental space for product showroom spaces for showcasing various commodities at an affordable cost. We can design the virtual zone with permission to host 100 visitors or more in that space. You can also use the rental space for your company's Virtual merchandising events.


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Why Choose Us for Metaverse Rental Space Services

Custom Rental Solutions

Custom Rental Solutions

We provide customized rental Metaverse spaces for startups and enterprises. You can use them to rent out virtual malls, offices, and event spaces. Utilize the unlimited visionary possibilities like hosting 1000 people at a time, teleportation to various spots, and selecting different avatars.

Increased Revenue

Increased Revenue

Leverage your virtual business revenue where millions of people can rent out spaces to meet and have fun. You can earn a better income in return if you buy a space and rent it out. Create incredible experiences with our creativity in the Metaverse for your customers.

Wider Reach

Wider Reach

Reach new audiences and opportunities by renting space on our popular Metaverse platform. You can create verges, wearable items, and digital fashion items with the help of tokens. Startups, individual metaverse users, professionals, and enterprises can choose from our different rental plans.

Let's Make a Virtual World Together!

Let's Make a Virtual World Together!

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